• The names Zwakman & Jaguar are united for over 60 years, above the very first Zwakman garage founded in 1952 by Tom's father Cornelis Zwakman with XKC019 just serviced.

    Worlds leading engine works.

    Founder Tom Zwakman started with a Classic Jaguar Garage in 1976 and opened in 1984 a well equiped engine service department specialized for Engine Overhaul & Tuning exclusive for Jaguar & Aston Martin engines and the worlds first company that introduced absolute overhaul precision.
    Zwakman Motors is based in the North-West of the Netherlands and have workshops spreaded over multiple buildings for machining and assembling of engines & differentials and also for reliability modifications and fabrication of no longer available engine parts and periodic maintenance.
    Specialization : Jaguar ss cars and xkc & xkd competition cars.
    Hourly rate : €150,= plus btw / vat. 

    > Zm services :

    * Engine & Differential overhaul.
    * Engine tuning & race preparation.
    * Lubrication & Cooling improvements.
    * Manual Gearbox repairs & restoration. 
    * Manufacture of ss-jaguar engine parts.
    * Maintenance of jaguar competition cars.