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ZME was founded in 1984 by Tom Zwakman who is the owner of the company.
Tom grew up at the BMC garage of his parents and in 1978 he opened his own garage to produce fast road Jaguars which he reorganized and reopened in early 1984 into his present business ZME ( Zwakman Motors Europe ) which is specialized in overhaul and restoration of 1930 & 1950 Jaguar engines > gearboxes > differentials > axles > steering > suspension > brakes > exhaust systems > electrics.
ZME offers the full mechanical restoration package for historic Jaguars and operates from a classic architecture with seperate workfloors > superior mechanics > eminent technical archive > prominent parts stock and is world leader in its field.
ZME don't provide any body or interior service theirselves but can spend this out to the very best addresses like : RS panels UK > Suffolk & Turley UK > Leaping cats UK > Upper classics NZ who all work and cooperate with ZME for decades. 
ZME offers only unique Jaguars of high historical value for first collectors and investors.
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ZME Projects 

As a passionated fast driver Tom owned at young age many cars like Ferrari  Maserati  Lamborghini  Aston Martin and Jaguar and liked them all but his most favorite where always his Jaguars and he always likes to improve them to the ultimate fast road cars.
Tom's current project is a LWE V12 OTS SWB car based at the standard Jaguar XKE S3 OTS cars but the body inner and outer panels are full alloy and the body and wheel base are shortened by four inches.
These cars are fitted with a 6.0 litre Jaguar sport engine altered by ZME to a maximum output of nearly 600 BHP and a wide and huge torque range starting already from 1000 RPM up to its maximum 7500 RPM and a top speed in excess of 210 MPH.
Its a beauty with breathtaking performance at country roads as highways and even easy to drive through the city thanks to its wide torque range.
Fitted with standard Jaguar XKE S3 cockpit equipment but with uprated bucket seats and toggle switches and comes with softtop and hardtop.
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ZME Technique

ZME is a fully equiped technical service centre for historical Jaguar cars and takes care of the entire mechanical engineering with restoration and overhaul and manufacturing of Engines > Gearboxes > Differentials > Front axles > Rear axles > Steering boxes > Exhaust systems > Brake systems > Suspension.

ZME can restore and maintain your car and reproduce unobtainable replacement parts for your car, also preparation for quick road use up to rally use until full race spec.

ZME offers the ultimate quality for those who want things right to enjoy trouble free motoring and best possible performance and our work comes with a 3 year or 50.000 kilometre / 30.000 mijl warrantee.

ZME charged for productive hours a hourly rate of € 125.00 plus 21% dutch vat.
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The Dutch Jaguar Museum

The museum was formed by Tom and an early customer of him who are both Jaguar lovers with a dream and together they have build worlds most unique and complete Jaguar collection.
The collection consists of the early Standard Swallow cars to the Jaguar SS100 cars and a fantastic selection post war Jaguars and also a number of earliest remaining cars of type & chassis number one cars & unique one-off cars & prototypes.
Its the only museum in the entire world with such wide range of the 1930 JAGUAR SS cars.

More pictures will follow over the winter time.
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